Book Reviews

  • I got Covid
    I have been posting erratically for a little while, and that boils down to I have been trying to keep up with my writing, my personal life, my full time job, my crafting, and everything else and then I got Covid on top of it. Rather than continue to try to push through I am […]
  • Book Review – Through High Waters
    I wanted to like this book so much and it just did not live up to After the Bees
  • Book Review – Myths of the Origin: After World
    Myths of Origin: After World by Ean S. Mills is an interesting blend of fantasy and science fiction, showing what happens after you die. This entire book is an interesting take on the afterworld, and what happens to you after you die. Instead of focusing on things, like Heaven and Hell, Ean created this entire […]
  • Book Review – Ranking System
    I wanted to take a moment to talk about my ranking system so everyone would be incredibly clear on what each rank means. Obviously, the five star system (or in this instance the five Mipha’s) is not a new system, but the way each star works varies from platform to platform.  So here is a […]
  • Book Review – Beneath the Bloody Aurora
    Beneath the Bloody Aurora by Beka Westrup was the choice of my book club, and up to about 60% of the way through this book was really good. For a video review of this book, click here! This review does contain spoilers. I really wanted to like this book.  I thought Clio had so much […]
  • Book Review – Nirel
    If you want a book that starts with a bang, and pisses you off because it ends on a cliff hanger and you desperately want book two, say no more.  Nirel by Sarah Rajah is a book for you. If you would rather watch a video review, find it here! The plot of this book […]
  • Book Review – Bride of the Shadow King
    I was browsing on Facebook because I am a millennial and that was my home at one point in time, and I stumbled across a post recommending Bride of the Shadow King by Sylvia Mercedes.  Our Hero, Vor is a blue trolde, and I was immediately hooked by that. I really loved this book up […]
  • Book Review – Furbidden Attraction
    I love the humor in this book!
  • Book Review – Deception – Coloring Book
    I have never before reviewed a coloring book, and yet how could I say no to Deception by Anita Dump’Hizass? This is not a long book, mainly just a quick coloring book, but the difference between this and other coloring books is that it is a coloring book with a story.  The story of this […]
  • Book Review – Legacy
    If you like young adult dystopian novels, you will love Legacy by Ean Lanning.  And that is truly the kindest thing I can say about this book.  If you have ever read a YA Dystopian novel, you have read this book.  I sincerely predicted every plot twist that was going to happen within the first […]
  • Book Review – The Sea Rose
    I want to start this out by saying I do NOT only read smut romance books, and The Sea Rose by Mariella Hunt is a great example of this!  This book followed two different couples.  The main characters of this book are Peter and Rose, and the side couple is Meredith and Gideon.  I love […]
  • Book Review – Blood and Silver
    Blood and Silver by Vali Benson is a quick short little book, and it feels like a quick short book..  It is one of those books that if you really only have an hour to devote to something, it isn’t necessarily a bad choice.  But that also does not necessarily make it a good choice […]
  • Book Review – The Wizard Slayer
    I love when a book can suck you in during the first few pages, and then you feel like you have to continue reading.  The prologue of The Wizard Slayer by Franklin Roberts does just that. The first thing I noticed with this book, is that the author is not the best at character descriptions.  […]
  • Book Review – Gray Man
    I love when authors can take history and lore from specific area’s, and wind it into a story, which is exactly what Marc Van Bulck did with Gray Man. The reason I like when authors do this, is because there is so much lore and so many local legends that I have never heard of.  […]
  • Book Review – Shadows of the Mortal Realm – DNF
    I had such high hopes for Shadows of the Mortal Realm by Shay Lee Giertz.  The overall plot sounding promising, and I loved the twist she had given to the realm of Hell, and the demons inside of it.  The high hopes I had for this book were not realized.  Before I do get any […]
  • Book Review – Only Ghouls and Horses
    Sometimes I come across a book and I truly don’t know what to say.  That is absolutely the case by Only Ghouls and Horses by Dan Harris.  And what a strange little book Only Ghouls and Horses is.  I will say, starting this book, I did kind of laugh out loud.   The opening scene is […]
  • Book Review – Olympian Passion
    I truly wanted to like Olympian Passion by Andrya Bailey.  But if I am completely honest, I did not like it at all. Let’s start with, when did romance authors start turning books into series.  Because this is a not a long book AT ALL.  And the author turned this book into a trilogy, so […]
  • 2022 Book Review Awards
    I know I am nobody, and that is fine. But I have read and reviewed a ton of books this year, and I thought, why not a little award type thing. Since I do my best to post reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and this is the last Thursday of the year, I figured it […]
  • Book Review – The Oracle
    I think Greek Mythology is one of my favorite things to read about.  Whether that be actual history books, or lore individual writers have written, I love seeing how different gods and goddesses inspire different authors.  That is no different with The Oracle by Elaine Gao. If you are looking for a book about gods […]
  • Book Review – I Married a Beast
    Regine Abel has written 7 books in the Prime Mating Agency series, and up until now, my favorite has been I Married a Lizard Man.  That book has finally been dethroned with I Married a Beast. Before I start the actual review of this book, I just need to fangirl for a moment.  – OMG […]
  • Book Review – House of Lies and Sorrow
    I love the vast difference between opening lines of books.  They are different between all genres, but are all designed to captivate and intrigue you.  House of Lies and Sorrow by Emily Blackwood has one of the best opening lines I have ever read! “How do you think he’ll kill you?” This was a very […]
  • Book Review – Beckoning of the Gate
    I really hate to say it, but Beckoning of the Gate by Benjamin J. Ryan is on my, I did not finish list. This book started out strong with the prologue, and it built up a very quick intrigue.  The villain was interesting, showing some compassion while still maintaining that evil air, but unfortunately this […]
  • Book Review – The Dreams of Broken Kings
    I love dark books as much as the next person.  I love when an author takes the time to build a world that seems realistic, and isn’t sugar coated.  That being said, Lana Pecherczyk starts off The Dreams of Broken Kings about as dark as you can start a book off. Now please note, when […]
  • Book Review – The Peace at Knife’s Edge
    I started The Peace at Knife’s Edge by James Pina, and I did not manage to finish it for quite a few reasons. I did love the beginning of this book.  Since it wont actually spoil anything, I love the set up that our main character, Torik, is now wanted for murdering the king, who […]
  • Book Review – After the Bees
    Allison Paige asked me to read her book, After the Bees, a few months ago, and I have honestly been putting it off.  Why have I been putting it off you ask?  A few reasons.  One, I absolutely adored the plot line to this, and I was truly terrified I would hate it.  The idea […]
  • Book Review – Ghosts of Grief Hollow
    Listen, I am not a horror gal.  I watched Supernatural and the third episode from season freaked me out so much I had nightmare for a week.  (Though in my defense it wasn’t the entire episode, it was just that one split second scene of the kid poking out of the water).  So when Shawn […]
  • Book Review – Where the Children of the Wind Once Danced
    I met C.J. Pearson by sheer chance while I was shopping at Barnes and Nobles.  We started talking about books, and he metioned to me that he had authored a fantasy series, and that the first book was Where the Children of the Wind Once Danced.  Obviously that meant I had to download the book […]
  • Book Review – Cryptofauna
    It is not often that I find a book, that the entire time I am reading it I just sit and go “this is a strange book.”  And yet, with Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning is a book I never stopped having that thought. The book itself starts out interestingly enough, with our main character, Jim, […]
  • Book Review – Deal with the Demon Lord
    I am finding more and more that I like the genre where humans have almost gone extinct, and other species have taken over.  Honestly this should also concern me more than it does seeing as I am a human and not another species.  Kacey Lee wrote the book Deal with the Demon Lord, and as […]
  • Book Review – Dissent
    Whenever I am reading a series I always get that moment of worry that the next book in the series is going to suck.  And not because the first book in the series was bad, not because I have been given any indication that the next book will be bad, but because the first book […]
  • Book Review – Heresy
    I am 28 years old at the moment, and I was a young adult when the young adult books like Divergent and Hunger Games came out.  There was something about that period in time, and something about those books,  that it transported you to a different world and made you think you could be the […]
  • Book Review – Long were the Nights
    Though I am not a big poetry fan (I feel like I have said this before) Raymond M. asked me to review his poems in his book Long were the Nights, and how could I say no; Because when a poem is done well, it can punch you in the gut with meaning. There are […]
  • Book Review – Paper Targets
    You ever read something in a book that you have to reread multiple times because it doesn’t quite make sense? 
  • Book Review – The Sound of the Broken Wand
    I will exist long after I need you from my life.
  • Book Review – 12,000 Miles of Road Thoughts. Old Van, Old Man, Recovering Hippie, Dying Cat
    I am not generally a huge fan of non-fiction books.  The most non-fiction I read is trying to learn more about my sewing machines, or learning more about true crime.  However, 12,000 Miles of Road Thoughts. Old Van, Old Man, Recovering Hippie, Dying Cat by Paul Willcott was something new to try. The first thing […]
  • Book Review – Beans of Anafi
    Benjamin X. Wretlind reached out to me to ask if I would read and review his book Beans of Anafi.  In sending me this email, he included a tidbit of information that there was a God of Beans, and this book centered around that god.  Did I say yes to reading this book? Immediately I […]
  • Book Review – Golem
    HIS SON slips in the pool of his father’s blood and his hand slides into the hole in his father’s chest.
  • Book Review – Shadow of the Gypsy
    If I am honest, typically when I am reading a mafia book, it involved romance, and a lot of smut.  That was not the case with Shadow of the Gypsy by Shelly Frome, as this is a book filled with suspense and the past of a character you have to work incredibly hard to figure […]
  • Book Review – Judgement Call
    It isn’t often I find a book where I am more interested in the culture being portrayed than I am in the characters and plot itself, yet here we are with Judgement Call by E.B. Roshan. While the plot of this book was intriguing, it wasn’t what captivated me.  The interesting and unique characters trying […]
  • Book Review – Red Hail
    Red Hail is a sci-fi novel by Jamie Killen and What. The. Fuck. The author contacted me about this book to read and review it and initially I was hesitant for one main reason.  The book was pitched to me as a LGBTQ novel, and typically when books are pitched to me like this, I […]
  • Book Review – The Land of the Young
    Have you ever read a book where you can see how someone would love it and obsess over it, even if you yourself cannot?
  • Book Review – The Queen of Times : The Inception
    While The Queen of Times : The Inception isn’t a nonfiction book, with the story Ajay Babu Anilbabu portrays you almost wish it was.  I love that the author took the time to research an event and person in time and create an entire story around that, something you don’t often see. This book is […]
  • Book Review – Gorpp the Grappler
    I loved the idea of Gorpp the Grappler, where Gorpp is low man on the totem pole, and does his best to rise above his station, not necessarily because he wants to conquer earth, but because he is bored.
  • Book Review – Morning Glory Milking Farm
    I am on an odd side of TikTok, and my FYP is oddly specific when it comes to weird books. Why do I mention this? Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. Nascosta.
  • Book Review – A Door into Evermoor
    I do not remember how I found A Door into Evermoor by Kent Wayne.  I don’t remember when I clicked on it, I don’t remember buying it, but I do know I was trying to pick my next read in my kindle library and the cover was so happy and cheerful that it was my next read.
  • Book Review – Peaceful Valley Hospital
    I know why I chose Peaceful Valley Hospital by Juliet Simone Roy to read.  Do you remember that era of time in the early 2000’s where parody movies had just started to become a thing and they didn’t suck yet?  Scary Movie had just come out and it was funny and interesting.  It was witty, made fun of a ton of tropes and ideas, while still SOMEHOW having a storyline.  When I read the book blurb for this book, I thought this was going to be kind of like that, a parody type comedy novel about life in the workplace of a hospital. 
  • Book Review Update!
    Hi All! I know I have not posted a book review recently, and that is because life has gotten a bit hectic. I will be starting book reviews again at the beginning of September! If you are an author and would like to submit your book for review, please see the author submissions page. If […]
  • Book Review – Fractured Freedom
    One of the things I don’t like in books, is when the main characters have this major problem between them, that could easily be solved by a quick conversation.  Fractured Freedom by Shain Rose absolutely does this. I know that opening sentence kind of looks like I am painting this entire book to be bad, […]
  • Book Review – Carnage Island
    I have been wrong before, and I will be wrong again (please don’t tell my husband) and I absolutely expected Carnage Island to be nothing but smut.  But of course, Lexi C. Foss had to take my preconceived notions and murder them violently. It took me about 16% of the way through this book to […]
  • Book Review – In the Velociraptor’s Nest
    Listen.  I never claimed to have any self-respect for myself, and apparently, I am going to continue to prove that.  I had lunch with a friend where she had mentioned to me, she found a smutty romance novel starring a velociraptor.  I didn’t believe her, so of course I had to look it up myself.  […]
  • Book Review – The Mindf*ck Series
    The Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby is a series of books I stumbled upon on TikTok and figured I would take a shot because how bad could it be. It wasn’t bad.  It wasn’t close to bad. As a matter of fact, as of right now in my life, this is one of the best […]
  • Book Review – Paint It All Red
    Paint It All Red is the fifth and final book in the Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby.  I finished this book at two am, it wrecked my brain and I cannot stop thinking about it. Logan finally figured out that Lana was the Scarlet Slayer and he treated her so poorly.  A woman that has […]
  • Book Review – All the Lies
    All the Lies is book four in the Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby, and I am starting to think Logan is an idiot. I have spent three books, now four, desperately waiting for Logan to piece together what is going on.  Hadley knows.  She was able to figure it out.  And at this point, another […]
  • Book Review – Scarlet Angel
    Scarlet Angel is book three in the Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby, and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE START OF THIS BOOK!!!! This book literally starts with Hadley figuring out what and who Lana is.  We know as the reader that unless Hadley poses a threat to Lana, she isn’t going to kill her.  I am […]
  • Book Review – Sidetracked
    Sidetracked is book two in the Mindf*ck series by S.T. Abby, and if I am 100% honest with you, f*ck this series and f*ck this book for being so f*cking good. Obviously after I finished the first book I dove into this book with all the grace of hair stuck in a wind tunnel. I […]
  • Book Review – The Risk
    The Risk by S.T. Abby is the first book in the Mindf*ck series, and if I am 100% honest with you, I devoured all five of these books within four days. I found this book on TikTok, where I am finding far too many of my books recently, and the premise of it intrigued me.  […]
  • Book Review – The Pearl
    I picked The Pearl by Gary Townsend to read because the hook got me, as hooks are supposed to do.  And then the closing line of the book blurb “One of the aliens thinks David is the right man for the job, and the other thinks he’s and idiot” really intrigued me because it is […]
  • Book Review – Marked by Him
    At this point in time, I don’t think I need to explain myself.  I love romance books, I love smutty romance books, and I love smutty romance books with men and women that know what they want.  Marked by Him, by SR Jones checks all of those boxes, so of course I read it immediately. […]
  • Book Review – The Fae Kings Curse
    I mainly picked up this book because it is not often you see a novel, especially a high fantasy novel, where there is a main character with a disability. 
  • Book Review – Blue
    Blue by Jessica Grace is a novel I started reading because I found it on TikTok and it sounded interesting from the brief snipped overview I saw.  However, I did NOT finish this book. But Alicia, why are you writing a review of a book you didn’t finish, you might ask.  Well because this book […]
  • Book Review – Captive of the Pirate King
    I finished reading this book in a few hours in a single night, while my eyelids were begging me to just let them close. 
  • Book Review – The Curse of the Dragon
    when they shift back, they are naked humans
  • Book Review – Honey, Honey
    I have no idea if the author read Fifty Shades of Gray, or what her opinion on it may be.  But I do know that that book was rather toxic and had a pretty crappy portrayal of BDSM.  So, whether or not it was intentional, I deeply appreciated that little bit of shade being thrown at that book series. 
  • Book Review – Bride to the Fiend Prince
    My favorite thing about this entire book, and this is not important to the plot in any way shape or form, is a very small conversation that happens between our Hero and Heroine.  The Fiend Prince casually (and I mean super casually) mentions that he likes both men and women, and has been with both
  • Book Review – Shaman of Souls
    Shaman of Souls, by Ryan Wilshusen, follows of a smattering of characters as they try to solve an intriguing set of double murders. Each character introduced in this book serves the plot in some way shape or form, but if you are not a fan of books where you have to keep track of a […]
  • Book Review – Call of Booty
    I 100% downloaded Call of Booty by Anastasia Austin because of the title.  I am accepting exactly zero criticism and zero judgement.  And why would I, as you are also here reading an article about a book called, Call of Booty. This book started out super strong with the introduction of the characters as well […]
  • Book Review – The Gates of Gabriel
    The Gates of Gabriel is the first book in the Guardian Gates Trilogy by Marie-France Leger, and it follows the stories of Maya and Beau as they come together to do what feels like an impossible task. Beau is a fallen angel who has had his wings taken away.  He must now roam the world […]
  • Book Review – One Savage Knight
    One Savage Knight is the first book in the Demon Knights series by Holly Roberds and it starts off with a bang.  We get a fascinating introduction explaining that monsters have been unleashed upon the world.  Some of these monsters have been caught and are being experimented on.   In this setting we are introduced to […]
  • Book Review – Stone Bound
    Stone Bound, the first novel in the Chaos and Retribution series by Eric T. Knight follows the stories of Fen, Aislin, and Karliss as they discover the powers inside of them and what that might mean for their futures. I fucking love a good young adult fantasy adventure book.  I love it even more when […]
  • Book Review – Baby Be Mine
    Baby Be Mine, the third book in the “Love in the City” series is a standalone novel by Victoria H. Smith that delves into the relationship of Asa and Noni.  Four years ago they had a passionate one night stand that had them falling in love with each other, then not speaking again due to […]
  • Book Review – Matched to the Monster TOO
    Matched to the Monster TOO is the second book in the match program series by Rena Marks, and it picks up where the last book left off. Now that Lilaina is married, her father Eric, is telling everyone that she has gone crazy with Stockholm syndrome.  He wants his daughter to come home and under […]
  • Book Review – The Paid Bridesmaid
    The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson took an interesting concept, and actually kind of made me wish it was a real job. I liked the idea that the bride can hire a bridesmaid to be there for their day.  It is kind of like a wedding planner, but instead they are your friend going to […]
  • Book Review – The Four Leaf
    The Four Leaf was a short romance book, that took a deep dive into BDSM and primal play.  I found this book and downloaded on a whim because I liked the cover art, and I saw it was getting good reviews, and I love smutty romance books.  While I was reading it I was kind […]
  • Book Review – Huntress of Men 1939 Book 1
    Huntress of Men 1939 Book 1 is a unique book for me in that I incredibly liked the story and plot, but did not actively like the book. I am fully aware that statement makes little to no sense.   How can you both really like a book, but also not like it?  Well, to be […]
  • Book Review – Prax
    Prax is going to be the debut novel by author Nikki Auberkett, and as much as I hate to say it, I honestly think this books needs a lot more work. This book centers around its main character, Prax, who after a tornado was found in the middle of nowhere, naked, miraculously unharmed.  However, thanks […]
  • Book Review – I Married a Minotaur
    I Married a Minotaur, is the latest book in the Prime Mating Agency series by Regine Abel, and I gotta tell you, I am living for it.  Technically, this book is not a sequel, and you do not have to read any of the others books in this series to know what is going on.  […]
  • Book Review – Savage Love
    If you are looking for a book that starts strong, and ends weak, Savage Love by Ashlee Rose is for you. This book literally centers around a Royal Princess named, Royal.  Maybe the author thought it was cute, which is fine, but it is a bit confusing in the beginning.  And Royal’s father essentially sells […]
  • Book Review – Sweet Heat
    Sweet Heat is a romance novel by Bria James centered around the curvy and beautiful Allegra.  Ten years ago, she was supposed to get married, but found out at the last second that her betrothed was being paid to marry her.  Presented with this horrifying truth, Allegra ran.  The biggest problem with this book, is […]
  • Book Review – Escape from Guinea Island
    I finished Escape from Guinea Island, and I truly have so many regrets.  This is the first book in the Escaping the Grave Series by Dexter Conrad. I will be honest, I have a lot to say about this book, so strap in.  To start with, this book is NOT developed the way it needs […]
  • Book Review – Kraving Khiva and The Prince of Firestones
    Kraving Khiva and The Prince of Firestones are books one and two of the Krave of Everton book series by Zoey Draven. Normally I would review the books individually, but these two books go together and follow the same characters, Evelyn Tesler (Eve) and Khiva. When we are introduced to Eve, she is a virgin […]
  • Book Review – Blood Lily
    Blood Lily is a book centered around a NYPD independent forensics consultant, named Lilith Adams.  Lilith, or Lily, is a bit special and different in that she is not human, she is a vampire. Now if you are like me, and you lived trough the Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight era, you might have rolled your eyes […]
  • Book Review – Summer’s End
    Summer’s End is the first book in a trilogy centering around the main character, Summer, and a mysterious biker boy, Alex AKA Dooney.  These two characters don’t remember each other, but their pasts and their futures intertwine incredibly closely.  Summer awakens from a coma to find out that she had been in a terrible fire, […]
  • Book Review – The Rooms We Hide: The Secrets Duet – Book 1
    The Rooms We Hide: The Secrets Duet – Book 1 is the debut novel by J. S. Mercier, and it follows our main character Jenevive Martin as she struggles to move forward in a life where her father was brutally murdered. Talk about a book with a goddamn plot twist!  I think this is the […]
  • Book Review – Forever Yours: A Forbidden Second Chance Romance (The Temptation Series Book 1
    Forever Yours: A Forbidden Second Chance Romance (The Temptation Series Book 1) is a wild ride of a book from start to finish.  The things it does well, it does really well.  The things it does terribly, it does even worse. Normally I would start on the positive for a book, but there is so […]
  • Book Review – Help Me, I’m Stuck
    Help Me I’m Stuck is a short self help book designed to help the reader do things such as silence their inner critic, and learn how to be kinder to themselves.  This is something I am 100% interested in, (as who isn’t unnecessarily cruel to themselves sometimes) and something I know that I need to […]
  • Book Review – Broken by the Horde King
    Broken by the Horde King is currently my favorite book in this series. The relationship between Kiran, our Hero, and Maeve, our Heroine, was honestly incredibly. Kiran and Maeve have known each other essentially their entire lives.  Maeve fell in love with her best friend, and when she presented herself to him, he rejected her.  […]
  • Book Review- Madness of the Horde King
    Madness of the Horde King is book 3 in the Horde Kings of Dakkar series, and it starts of thrilling and terrifying.  Vienne, the heroine of our story, is sneaking into the Dothik at the command of the Ghertun.  She has a message to deliver, and a response to receive before she can return to […]
  • Book Review – Claimed by the Horde King
    Claimed by the Horde King is Book 2 in the Horde Kings of Dakkar series, and while it can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend reading the entire series. Book two centers around Nelle and Seerin.  Nelle, our heroine, is from a human village.  Though it is forbidden she is out hunting […]
  • Book Review – Captive of the Horde King
    Captive of the Horde King is book one of the Horde Kings of Dakkar series by Zoey Draven.  I will be honest with you, this book is approx.. 310 pages and I finished it in in like three hours and this is my second time reading it. Book two centers around Luna and Arokan, a […]
  • Book Review – I Married A Merman (Prime Mating Agency)
    We all know I started in this series because I thought the cover of “I Married a Lizardman” was ridiculous.  Regine Abel honestly needs to be held responsible for me falling in love with Sci-Fi romance novels.  With that, I Married a Merman is the latest novel in this series, featuring Neera and Echo. I […]
  • Book Review – Taken by the Horde King (Horde Kings of Dakkar Book 5)
    When I saw that this book finally existed, it was a major relief.  Mainly because I had already finished the previous four books and that that was it.  I was angry for days, weeks, months (I stopped counting) because book four ended on a massive cliff hanger and I wanted to scream. So thankfully book […]
  • Book Review – Barbarian Clans of Xavren Box Set: Books 1-3
    This is a three book in one boxset that I was enjoyed reading.  Book one centers around Marion and Brotak and I will warn you now, reading this is not for the faint of heart.  Brotak’s race of people has no women in it anymore, and so as the clan leader he made a deal.  […]
  • Book review – Queen for the Alien Primal
    Talk about a book that starts out strong and ends so disappointing.  I read this book over a span of two evenings, mainly because I could not keep my eyes open after day one.  I fell asleep with my Kindle on my chest dreaming about Josham and Tresa.  I waited all day to read the […]
  • Book Review – Taming the Enemy
    First and foremost, I got this book as an advanced reader copy.  That warning out there, lets dive right in! I have read a lot of romance novels over the years.  Some smutty, some clean, some terrible, some wonderful.  This one fall right into the middle.  If you are looking for an all-out smutty book […]
  • Book Review – Guardian: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance
    I received a free advanced copy of this book via Book sprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.  In addition, this book does feature some intense scenes that are not suitable for every person.  Be warned.  Now that that is out of the way, lets dive in. This is a book that needs two separate […]
  • Book Review – Matched to the Monster
    I did not expect to like a book including tentacle sex. But I did.  I liked it so much I immediately started reading more of Rena’s works.  The idea behind this book is interesting.  Earth has been in yet another war (hard to believe I know) and the population has been wiped out to the […]
  • Book Review – I Married A Lizardman (Prime Mating Agency)
    Have you ever picked up a book simply because you thought it would be ridiculous based upon the title and the cover?  Not only do you pick up the book because of the cover, but then you read the description and go “huh, that sounds dumb.”  Because that is what I did with this book. […]
  • Book Review – Glint and Gleam (Books 2 and 3 of the Plated Prisoner Series)
    Typically, I would most likely not review two books at the same time, but for these two books I have too.  Why you might ask?  I read them both in the same day and can no longer separate what happened in which book.  That being said, lets dive right in! The amount of growth Auren […]
  • Book Review – Gild (Book 1 of The Plated Prisoner Series)
    Gild (Book 1 of The Plated Prisoner Series) – Raven Kennedy Link – Cost – $4.99 for Kindle, $17.99 Paperback, on Kindle Unlimited             Gild is the first book in the plated prisoner series, which is a retelling of the myth of King Midas.  The core plot of this book is Auren (the main […]
  • Book Review – The Nightmare
    The Nightmare (The Mist Book 2) – Regine Abel Link – Cost – $3.99*, also a part of Kindle Unlimited The nightmare is the sequel to Regine Abel’s novel The Mistwalker, and it truly delivers. Just like The Mistwalker, the nightmare is a standalone novel and you do not need to have read the […]

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