Book Review – Golem

HIS SON slips in the pool of his father’s blood and his hand slides into the hole in his father’s chest.

Book Review – Judgement Call

It isn’t often I find a book where I am more interested in the culture being portrayed than I am in the characters and plot itself, yet here we are with Judgement Call by E.B. Roshan. While the plot of this book was intriguing, it wasn’t what captivated me.  The interesting and unique characters trying […]

Book Review – Red Hail

Red Hail is a sci-fi novel by Jamie Killen and What. The. Fuck. The author contacted me about this book to read and review it and initially I was hesitant for one main reason.  The book was pitched to me as a LGBTQ novel, and typically when books are pitched to me like this, I […]

Book Review – Peaceful Valley Hospital

I know why I chose Peaceful Valley Hospital by Juliet Simone Roy to read.  Do you remember that era of time in the early 2000’s where parody movies had just started to become a thing and they didn’t suck yet?  Scary Movie had just come out and it was funny and interesting.  It was witty, made fun of a ton of tropes and ideas, while still SOMEHOW having a storyline.  When I read the book blurb for this book, I thought this was going to be kind of like that, a parody type comedy novel about life in the workplace of a hospital.