Book updates

Update 2/16/2022 – I cannot believe that GoulCrest is coming out in 86 days. I find it insanely hard to believe and part of me wants to lock myself in a room and scream non stop. That being said, my insanely talented Cover Artist has sent me an update and I will be honest. When I received it my jaw dropped and I almost dropped my phone. There is something incredibly satisfying about being able to work with one of your best friends that truly understands what it is you are trying to achieve. I mean, look at this image! Tell me it isn’t everything!

GoulCrest is going to be available on Amazon as a Kindle book. Once it is published it will be on Kindle Unlimited as well. Don’t forget to preorder your copy of GoulCrest!

GoulCrest, the first book of the Vestovian is currently available for preorder! Have you been looking for a fantasy novel centered around found family, hopes for a better future, and heavy sarcasm? If so, this is the book for you!

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