Book Review – Deception – Coloring Book

I have never before reviewed a coloring book, and yet how could I say no to Deception by Anita Dump’Hizass?

This is not a long book, mainly just a quick coloring book, but the difference between this and other coloring books is that it is a coloring book with a story.  The story of this book is the author caught their husband cheating and I loved that this is a way for the author to deal with her anger, rage and grief.

The drawings are quick and easy, the story is not at all hard to follow.  I think the only thing missing is a few death scenes that I would be imagining if I ever caught my husband cheating on me.

Overall – This is a quick and easy coloring book to page through, with some fun illustrations to color in.  Do not get this book for children though!

Deception: A Story of Betrayal – Anita Dump’Hizass

Cost* – eBook is $5.99.  Paperback is $12.99 – This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published


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