Book Review – Prax

Prax is going to be the debut novel by author Nikki Auberkett, and as much as I hate to say it, I honestly think this books needs a lot more work.

This book centers around its main character, Prax, who after a tornado was found in the middle of nowhere, naked, miraculously unharmed.  However, thanks to the tornado, she now has a newfound power, the ability to tell if someone is going to die within the next day or so.  It is a plot that honestly has so much to work with, and yet… it feels as though nothing is done with it.

To start with, this book is incredibly hard to get into and difficult to read.  It is not a book with words that flow easily, and I had to stop and start this book multiple times just to keep going.  It honestly feels like it drags on and on and on, with no real end in sight.  And then to make matters worse, nothing is ever really and truly explained.

Prax’s power is never actually fully explained.  As a matter of fact, as more characters are introduced that have powers, theirs are not ever fully explained either.  When I got to the ending fifty pages or so, I had to read them multiple times to figure out what happened, and I will be honest, I still do not know. 

To give a better example, one of the most confusing things in this book, is Prax has a sister named Mya.  When they are just relaxing at home together, Prax asks her if she would be interested in seeing if she was going to die soon.  Mya did not want to know, and Prax was deeply confused by this.  I will be honest, if I was going to die tomorrow, I don’t know that I would want to know.  How stressful would those last few hours be?  So instead of respecting her sister’s wishes, Prax does it anyways.  And then, Mya disappears.  Prax is confused by this (as was I as a reader) and she suddenly got the urge to go to the nearby graveyard.  As she was running there, she felt this weight on her, a sudden weight and a desperate urge to continue running and racing towards the graveyard.  Something was urging her onwards, letting her know she had to get there by sunrise.  She makes it, the weight disappears, and the confusion I had as a reader lingered on!

The ending was just as confusing.  As I said I read it multiple times, I talked it out with my husband, with my editor, with my mother, and I still do not get it.  What is Don?  What is Prax?  What is Aidon?  What happened to Jared?  And overall, what are the powers Prax really has?  I do believe this is the first book in a series, and with the blurb the author wrote I really wanted to like this book.  With the authors background (Provided courtesy of Amazon) Nikki Auberkett is a cultural anthropologist with 15 years research into folklore and mythology. It is something she is passionate about, and you can clearly tell because it shines through so brightly in this book.  However, if the author doesn’t take the time to develop her storylines and make it clearer, I don’t know that I would be able to stomach my way through another one.

Overall –  This book sounded intriguing and wonderful, with a book blurb that really drew me in.  However, reading the book felt more like a chore than anything else.  It was necessary to reread things over and over again to try and make sense of what was happening, and I am still non the wiser.  I would love to see the author spend a bit more time developing the plot and clearing up what actually happens so that this book can shine the way she wants it too.

Plot – 4/10

Characters – 4/10

Originality –  4/10

General Joy of Reading – 210

Overall Score – 14/40

Prax by Nikki Auberkett

Cost* –  Kindle book is $2.99 and is included with Kindle Unlimited

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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