Developmental Editing/Book Coaching

Do you love your book, but it is not quite reaching the heights you need it to reach? You are getting feedback from people and they really like it, but…

I want to help. I have not only published my own novel, and am working on expanding the series, but I have also read thousands of books in my lifetime, across many genres. Fantasy, romance, sci-fi, historical fiction, non-fiction, young-adult.

I know what works, and I know how to help you make it work. I am not going to line by line edit your book, looking for grammatical errors and help you improve that. I am not going to baby you and tell you that you have the best piece of writing in the world. What I am going to do, is read your book, tell you what is working, and help you figure out what is not.

To be completely upfront with you, I have high expectations for you as an author. I want to see you grow, and I want to watch your book grow with you. I am going to push you to be the best you can be.