2022 Book Review Awards

I know I am nobody, and that is fine. But I have read and reviewed a ton of books this year, and I thought, why not a little award type thing. Since I do my best to post reviews on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and this is the last Thursday of the year, I figured it would be the perfect day to do it!  What are my qualifications you ask? Well, I write books, and I read them. What else do I need to be qualified?

All lists below will work in counting down to the top book in each category.

Books I regret reading the most

This is probably a taboo category to post, because everyone wants to see what did well, but most people don’t want to see what did badly.  It can come across as mean, vindictive, and sometimes just downright cruel.  That being said, I am doing it anyways, because why not! 

5. Den of Vipers

4. In the Velociraptor’s Nest

3. Help Me, I’m Stuck

2. Forever Yours: A Forbidden Second Chance Romance

1. Blue

Books that surprised me with how much I liked them

At this point in time, it is no surprise that I love to read, and that I read all of the time.  Obviously, if I spend this much time reading, I have genres that I prefer.  Sometimes, I find books outside of those genres, (and sometimes even within those genres) that surprise me with how good they are.  Books I never would have picked up for one reason or another, and I am super glad I did by the time I was finished.

6. The Pearl

5. Huntress of Men 1939 Book 1

4. A Door into Evermoor

3. Morning Glory Milking Farm

2. Red Hail

1. Golem

Best Series

A series of books is probably one of my favorite things.  I love being able to dive into a world and lose myself in it.  Learning the cultures, learning the people, and the way things work.  But a really good series, a series I can get obsessed with, is one of the best things there is.  A series of books where you read them one right after the author, actively get mad at the author when the next book isn’t out, that is one of the best (worst feelings) there is.

4. The Heretics Saga

3. Prime Mating Agency Series

2. Mindfuck Series

1. Horde King Series

Best Overall

Obviously I have to pick the best books out of all of the books I have reviewed.  There were a ton of books, (I reviewed 83 books this year.  That number actively shocked me!) and picking a few was both incredibly hard and incredibly easy.  That being said, here are the overall winners of best book (of the books I have reviewed) of 2022!

9. Blood Lily

8. A Door Into Evermoor

7. Golem

6. Red Hail

5. The Nightmare

4. Broken by the Horde King

3. I Married a Beast

2. I Married a Lizard Man

1. After the Bees

I guess if I am listing different books and having them be the best/worst books I have read, I should probably give the award a name right?  And I am going to call it the Jeanne Award.  Does that sound a smidgen self-serving or maybe arrogant?  Yes.  But my great grandmother, whom I never got the opportunity to meet was named Jeanne.  She was my mom’s best friend, and is one of my mom’s favorite people.  Since it is my middle name, and it means so much to my mom, I think calling it the Jeanne award is a wonderful idea.

So to all of the winners, congratulations on winning your Jeanne award?  It is a small award, given by a single person who really loved (or for the books I regret reading, hated) your books.  Someone who cannot wait to see what you come up with next!


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