Book Review – Den of Vipers by K. A. Knight

Den of Vipers by K. A. Knight

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Do you like romance novels with scenes spicy enough to start a forest fire AND scenes that will make you raise a brow wandering, “did I actually read that?” If that is something you are looking for, the Den of Vipers by K. A. Knight is for you.

The plot of this book is fairly simple. The main character Roxxane (Roxy) was sold to a group of four men known as the Vipers.  Each of those four men, Ryder, Garrett, Kenzo, and Diesel, are all flawed in their own way. With Roxy being sold into this, obviously she is not very willing at the beginning.

Before we get into the actual review you do need to be aware of a few things. Number 1, this book is on 18 + book, and is a reverse harem novel. That’s right, Roxy doesn’t have to choose between which guy she ends up with. Number two, this book has some intense, if not rape, then borderline scenes. With those two warnings in place, lets dive in.

The world this book takes place in is dark and gritty, with “The Vipers” controlling everything.  And I really hope you like the phrase “The Vipers” because you will be reading it a lot.  There are small battles and skirmishes, some that end in gun fights and blood so that “The Vipers” can keep control of their town.  It is semi convincing that this is the location this is happening in, because we as the reader do not get a glimpse of anywhere else in the world.  For all we know, this is all that is happening everywhere.

 The best part of the entire novel is when Roxy gets the opportunity to confront her father. And not only for selling her, but for the copious amounts of other things he has done to her. It is a particularly strong moment in the book that makes you as the reader feel really good about it.

The worst part of this book is, unfortunately, the rest of it.  Let me be real with you, it is not the worst book in the world, but it is not the best book in the world either.  As a book that centers around sex with four different men, it hits the mark.  However, this book is approx. 654 pages long, and that is about 300 pages too long.  It gets so bad and boring that even the sex scenes stop being interesting after a while and I personally found myself skimming and skipping over them just so I could finish the book.


All in all, this is not a terrible book. With a ton of five star reviews on Amazon, and an overall ranking of 4.3 out of 5, obviously many people have read this book and wanted more.  I am not one of those people.  If you want a book to try, where if it doesn’t appeal to you, you can just put it down, this is it.  Don’t worry about trying to figure out what happens, it is incredibly predictable and you can just imagine the ending. 

Plot – 5/10

Characters – 5/10

Originality –  5/10

General Joy of Reading – 3/10

Overall – 18/40

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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