Book Review – In the Velociraptor’s Nest

Listen.  I never claimed to have any self-respect for myself, and apparently, I am going to continue to prove that.  I had lunch with a friend where she had mentioned to me, she found a smutty romance novel starring a velociraptor.  I didn’t believe her, so of course I had to look it up myself.  In the Velociraptor’s Nest is the first story I stumbled across that was also on Kindle Unlimited, so yes.  Yes, I did read it.

I went into this, expecting this to be a short romance novel, and I was wrong.  This is literally just a short story that is approximately 5500 words.  Reading the blurb tells you the entire story and yet I still took the time to read it.

That being said, why does this book read like a weird prompt someone was given, and they just ran with it.  And while we are questioning things, WHY WAS THIS SO GOOD!   Before you have me committed, let me back my train right up and say, the dinosaur sex part was weird and I cringed many many times.  And the velociraptors member was described in GREAT detail.  Enough detail that it kind of sounded like it was infected and oozing, but that is besides the point. The story itself, was good.  The writing was good.  And I am incredibly angry I took the time to read this because somehow it ended with me wanting to know more about the life Azog was going to be living with her three new children and velociraptor husband.

Overall –   If you choose to read this short story, great.  I tried to warn you, but you have a blast.  This was a weird book.  A super weird short story that I deeply regret reading.  That being said, will I continue to read books in this genre….. Yes.  Now that I know it exists, I have to see where it goes. 

Plot – 5/10

Characters – 5/10

Originality –  5/10

General Joy of Reading – 0/10

Overall Score – 15/40

In the Velociraptor’s Nest (Dinosaur Erotica) by Christie Sims

Cost* –  $2.99.  This is included on Kindle Unlimtied.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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