Book Review – A Door into Evermoor

I do not remember how I found A Door into Evermoor by Kent Wayne.  I don’t remember when I clicked on it, I don’t remember buying it, but I do know I was trying to pick my next read in my kindle library and the cover was so happy and cheerful that it was my next read.  And yah know what, IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD!

A Door into Evermoor is a young adult fantasy book and I really enjoyed reading it.  We are immediately introduced to Jon and rather than the author drawing out him moving into Evermoor, we are thrown into it almost immediately.  The author rushes you along with Jon to move into this new realm and it is done so well, not only with the writing but how the pacing is done as well.  Reading the book you legitimately feel rushed and confused.

When Jon arrives into Evermoor he could have easily tried to figure out where he was and what was happening, but did he?  No.  Why?  That was immediately overshadowed by the need to find his dog.  He is forced to abandon this quest because, how is he going to find where his dog went on this journey, and then WE FIND THE DOG.  One of the things that I hate in books is when the pet dies.  Don’t like it, don’t wanna read it, and don’t wanna be involved in it.  So for Jon to immediately worry about the dog and then have that beloved pet turn into a Knight of a race of people was incredible. 

The thing the author does the best in this book is how Kent handles information dumping.  This is typically a huge problem in fantasy book.  As a fantasy author myself, I have had issues with this.  And it is mainly due to the fact that we are creating an entire word and there is some information that you have to share for everything to make sense.  There has to be a balance between giving the information and not dumping it on the reader and it is handled incredibly well in this book.  Jon is transported to this world and literally knows nothing about it, so the information we learn is information that he is learning as well.

After we learn the information we need to know, I enjoyed finding out about the different characters, the different races, and the things that had happened to this land.  I loved that Jon was “the chosen one” but he had a choice as to whether or not he was going to go down that path.  It is not often that “the chosen one” has a choice in what happens to them.

The weakest part of this book is honestly the romance that blossoms at the end between Jon and Erany.  I know this is a YA fantasy book, and most of those involve romance, but the romance in this book honestly felt unnecessary and almost forced. It felt like so much time and attention was devoted to developing the friendships and relationships between these different characters and the romance was just kind of there and developed simply because Jon thought she was hot. 

Overall – I liked this book far more than I thought I would.  I have read hundreds of YA fantasy books, adult fantasy books, and many other books in between.  This is absolutely a good book and I highly recommend it.  The way it handles character development and seems to almost pull you through the book is highly worth it, and I loved the vast new world we get to see.

Plot – 8/10

Characters – 8/10

Originality –  10/10

General Joy of Reading – 8/10

Overall Score – 34/40

A Door into Evermoor (The Unbound Realm Book 1) – Kent Wayne

Cost* – eBook is $2.99. This book is included in Kindle Unlimited.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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