Book Review – Morning Glory Milking Farm

I am on an odd side of TikTok, and my FYP is oddly specific when it comes to weird books.  Why do I mention this?  Morning Glory Milking Farm by C.M. Nascosta.

This book is a monster romance book featuring a Minotaur and a human.  The milking farm?  Yes, you did guess it. “Milking” the minotaur to collect his sperm (which actually has an explanation as to why they are doing this.)  And our heroine, Violet, is super attracted to one specific minotaur’s penis right off the bat, our hero, Rourke.  Yes, I do realize how bizarre that plot is.  Yes I do realize I did just write that sentence.  Yes, we are now locked in this experience together.

The book was good.  I started it and finished it on the same evening, staying up late to read this book.  If my husband hadn’t been asleep next to me I probably would have been shouting for Violet and Rourke to kiss.  Was this book weird?  Absolutely!  Did it have excellent plot points that challenged how our characters thought and behaved and helped shape their lives?  Also yes!

I really loved that this was a world where “monsters” and humans coexist.  But coexist is all most of them do.  Violet is down on her luck so she takes a job that challenges her beliefs and she has to start looking at these “monsters” as more than people she merely coexists with.  And Rourke was a gentleman (gentleminotaur?) through and through, making sure Violet’s needs were met and taken care of.   They were so incredibly sweet together you cheered when they finally started dating.  While this is a guaranteed HEA, I love that the author didn’t rush their ending.  They did move in together, eventually.  But they took the time to grow and take care of their relationship so it was a strong and healthy relationship. 

If you have been interested into getting into monster romance books, this would not be a bad place to start.  It has a fairly normal setting and all of the lore and ideals is explained incredibly well, so it doesn’t feel like you are thrust into something with no explanation.  You also are not introduced to a million characters and expected to remember them.  You can fully immerse yourself in Violet’s world and see what she is seeing. 

I will say, I am tired of my standards for men being raised by a fictitious creature.  And my husband is tired of being compared to fictitious creatures. 

This is a weird book though, I am not going to lie to you.  When you pick it up, make sure you are prepared to read about things such as, oh I don’t know, minotaur penis and a girl getting railed by it.  If that makes you cringe thinking about it, don’t pick up the book.

Overall – my TikTok FYP is getting oddly specific and I don’t know if I should be ashamed or thrilled by it.  Because I am finding a ton of great books such as this one, but like also…. I am finding a ton of weird books as well.  That being said Morning Glory Milking Farm was a sweet book and I am happy I took the time to read it. 

Plot – 8/10

Characters – 8/10

Originality –  10/10

General Joy of Reading – 8/10

Overall Score – 34/40

Morning Glory Milking Farm (Cambric Creek: Sweet & Steamy Monster Romance Book 1) by C.M. Nascosta

Cost* – eBook is $3.99. This book is included in Kindle Unlimited. This is also an audible book

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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