Book Review – The Peace at Knife’s Edge

I started The Peace at Knife’s Edge by James Pina, and I did not manage to finish it for quite a few reasons.

I did love the beginning of this book.  Since it wont actually spoil anything, I love the set up that our main character, Torik, is now wanted for murdering the king, who happens to be his father.  Did he murder the king?  No he did not.  Does that matter?  Not really!  I love when books do this, especially how James did it, where the king ended up killing himself to try and save his son. It was an excellent set up to this book.

However, while James painted us a lovely world with vivid descriptions that managed to not be flowery, he packed so many events into the book, that I couldn’t finish it.  Sincerely, within about 20% of the book, like six major things happened including, the king dying, Torik escaping on a boat with friends, the boat being used to escape getting attacked by a sea serpent type thing and killing a ton of people, being reunited with his mother, being drugged by his mother, and meeting a new group of people.  I cannot express to you, how intensive this was to read.  Now I love a good fast paced book.  They draw you in, they keep you reading, they keep you interested and enamored with the plot and the characters.  But with so much happening, it was hard to keep things straight. 

So this book was a DNF for me, and the main reason was because of how overwhelmed I felt.  Sincerely, it felt like the author had jammed everything he could think of into a first draft, and then never bothered to remove it, or space it out.  As a reader, this had be in a constant state of worrying about characters, or questioning what had just happened.

Overall – While I did not finish this book, James Pina sincerely does seem to have a talent for writing, and I am excited and curious to see what he comes out with in the future.  It would be nice if there was better pacing and more time devoted to the characters themselves.

The Peace at Knife’s Edge (The Breathing World Book 1) – James Pina

Cost* – eBook is $3.99 and Hardback is $21.99.  This book is included on Kindle Unlimited.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published


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