Book Review – Night Gem – DNF

Night Gem by Erica Xenne has such an amazing book cover, how on earth could I turn down the opportunity to read this?

I tried to read this book multiple time, I stopped and started, put it down, picked it back up, and would try again, but I could not finish this book.  The furthest I got into it was about 40% I do believe.

You would think, only making it that far, that I didn’t like the book.  In this instance, you would truly be wrong.  I loved the characters, loved the plot, and loved the world that Erica was building.

The issue I ran into, as ridiculous as it sounds, is her book is just too wordy for me.  I am not a huge fan of overly descriptive books, and that is actually one of the reasons I have never personally finished reading the Lord of the Rings books.  While I love the world, the plot, the characters, the books themselves are incredibly difficult to get into for me. 

I wanted to finish this book, and I could get absorbed into pages here and there, but then I consistently had to go back and reread other passages and pages to make sure I was remembering everything correctly. 

Overall – I desperately wanted to love this book, desperately wanted to read the entire thing, but unfortunately that was not something I was able to do.  That being said, if you love descriptive books, with incredible world building, I highly recommend trying this one.

This Boundary Will Not Bind Us: Night Gem, Book 1 – Erica Xenne

Cost* – eBook is $3.99 and Paperback is $25.00. 

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published


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