Book Review – Gray Man

I love when authors can take history and lore from specific area’s, and wind it into a story, which is exactly what Marc Van Bulck did with Gray Man.

The reason I like when authors do this, is because there is so much lore and so many local legends that I have never heard of.  Even in Pennsylvania, where I am from, there are tons of legends I have never heard of.  The Gray Man, which this book is based off of, is a local legend in the Carolina’s. 

The book, Gray Man, is more of a novella than a full-fledged book, and it is a quick and easy read.   The first chapter of this book drew me in, and I finished the entire thing in maybe an hour and a half? 

The most confusing part of this book is the two main characters, Liam and Aubrey.  They are introduced separately, and when they finally have conversations with each other, these conversations speak of an intertwined history that we as the reader are not familiar with.  While this is resolved a chapter or two later, I was not a fan of this.  With that downside, the characters themselves are written well enough that you grow attachment to them and what might happen to them in the upcoming hurricane, even though the book itself is fairly short.

That being said, I love the story of the Gray Man, and how he is a local legend.  If you are kind to him, he will protect your house and your belongings during a hurricane.  Most local legend are not as friendly, and always speak of bad omens or death, and I liked that this one felt almost like a guardian angel.

Overall – This is not a long book, and if you are looking for some local legends reads where it isn’t inherently creepy and spooky, then this is for you.  Please do not pick up this book expecting a horror story.

Gray Man: A Story Kindle Edition by Marc van Bulck

Cost* – eBook is $6.99.  Paperback is $12.99

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published


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