Somedays, Loneliness is a sword that stabs through me Slicing through and making wounds That I don’t know how to heal from Somedays, Loneliness is a wave guiding me out to sea I don’t understand the danger I am in Until I am drowning in the salty temptress Somedays, Loneliness is simply sitting at my […]

I Feel Alone

I feel alone A silently swaying Ever relating  Alone I’m lying in bed with my husband He’s sound asleep next to me Gently snoring Sweetly dreaming  And I hold onto his arm  Like it is a raft  And I’m lost at sea Hoping some of his blissful sleep Will latch onto me  But instead I […]

Am I Broken

I see a new mom  With a baby And a piece of me thinks Maybe  But deep inside of me I don’t feel that ache  I don’t long  To be a mom I don’t wish to see my baby grow And watch them change And experience life I don’t wake up at night  Wishing I […]

Perfectly Pert

It pounded in her ears, the steady thrum of music vibrating her body as she raised her hands to the sky and closed her eyes.  She let the music pour through her, let it thrill her.  Until she heard the jarring honk of the horn in the car behind her.                 Her eyes popped open […]