Book Review – Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat is a romance novel by Bria James centered around the curvy and beautiful Allegra.  Ten years ago, she was supposed to get married, but found out at the last second that her betrothed was being paid to marry her.  Presented with this horrifying truth, Allegra ran. 

The biggest problem with this book, is it is over so quickly you don’t really get the chance to enjoy it.  I mean, they are apart for ten years, they have built up lives in these ten years.  Lives we don’t even really get to see.  We don’t get to see what they were, who they were, and who they have become.

I as a reader was left with questions that I would love answers too.  For instance, didn’t Jude ever try to find her in those ten years to explain what happened and his choices?  Didn’t her family want anything to do with her?  Because she cut all of them off as well so she could make a life for herself.  Other than quick highlights to barely gloss over the backstory, we as readers do not get any of that.

The writing itself in this book is excellent, and Bria is obviously talented.  So why doesn’t she give us more to these characters?  They have been apart for ten years and magically in three weeks they have reopened the doors on their relationship, are back together and willing to get married.  WHY?  TELL ME!  SHOW ME MORE!  I WANT MORE!!!

Overall – I want to like this book more than I do, but it is over so quickly that I am disheartened and unhappy.  I would love to see the author take a bit more time and give us the readers more story so we can fall in love with the characters even more.

Plot – 5/10

Characters – 2/10

Originality –  5/10

General Joy of Reading – 7/10

Overall Score – 19/40

Sweet Heat: A Curvy Second Chance Novella by Bria James

Cost* –  Kindle book is $0.99 and is included with Kindle Unlimited.  Paperback book is $4.99

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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