Book Review – The Pearl

I picked The Pearl by Gary Townsend to read because the hook got me, as hooks are supposed to do.  And then the closing line of the book blurb “One of the aliens thinks David is the right man for the job, and the other thinks he’s and idiot” really intrigued me because it is […]

Book Review – Marked by Him

At this point in time, I don’t think I need to explain myself.  I love romance books, I love smutty romance books, and I love smutty romance books with men and women that know what they want.  Marked by Him, by SR Jones checks all of those boxes, so of course I read it immediately. […]

Book Review – Blue

Blue by Jessica Grace is a novel I started reading because I found it on TikTok and it sounded interesting from the brief snipped overview I saw.  However, I did NOT finish this book. But Alicia, why are you writing a review of a book you didn’t finish, you might ask.  Well because this book […]

Book Review – Honey, Honey

I have no idea if the author read Fifty Shades of Gray, or what her opinion on it may be.  But I do know that that book was rather toxic and had a pretty crappy portrayal of BDSM.  So, whether or not it was intentional, I deeply appreciated that little bit of shade being thrown at that book series.