Book Review – The Fae Kings Curse

The Fae Kings Curse is by Jamie Schlosser, and takes an interesting twist on the Fae and different realms they may come from.

This story in particular centers around a human named Quinn, and our Fae male named Kirian. Kirian has been cursed by the witches of his world to lose his sight until he finds his fated mate and…. Ahem… mates with her.  When he is a little boy, he steps through a portal in his realm into the human realm in the hopes of finding some plants to make wine for his mother.  Instead, he finds an icy plunge into water in the middle of winter, and Quinn who saves him.  Between the two of them they feel such an intense pull towards each other, that they visit constantly.  Every day for Quinn, and once a year for Kirian as time moves differently in the Fae world. 

There is a twist to Kirian’s curse, in that his first kiss MUST be with his fated mate, or he will be blind forever.  Over the years of talking to him and spending time with him, Quinn ends up falling in love with him, and Kirian returns the feelings.  Ultimately, he ends up kissing her, and pulling her into the fae world with him, and this is where the real trouble begins.

I really enjoyed this book.  I loved the twist on the fae and the added curse.  I mainly picked up this book because it is not often you see a novel, especially a high fantasy novel, where there is a main character with a disability.  And this book portrayed blindness, in my opinion, so well.  This character didn’t view being blind as a weakness, and was perfectly content to stay blind forever if it meant he could be with Quinn.  And Quinn herself did not treat him like he was disabled at all.  They joked about it, talked about it, and she supported him when necessary.  To her, he was perfect, and being blind did not matter.  Which was perfect!

Not only did Schlosser did a great job with the main characters, she did so good with the side characters and the lore as well.  Every part of this book made sense, and anything that didn’t the author made sure to explain in great depth.  For instance, why could Kirian only use one portal a year?  Because it took a long time to make them, and so they were rare.  I loved that the author took the time to address all of the lore.  And the side character was so good.  Especially the oracle witch at the end.  I wanted to be best friends with her so badly!

I think the only bad thing about this book, the one thing I didn’t like, was the ending.  I was able to guess what had happened, and kind of why it had happened, and that made me sad.  I also didn’t like that Quinn, by going back to the fae world, essentially leaves her world behind forever.  Yes, she can use a portal to go back once a year, but having to choose between the two worlds sounds sad.

Overall – This was an excellent start to the series, and the fact that books two and three are already out makes it even better.  I hate when I find a series I like and immediately have to wait forever to read what happens next.  This is a slightly darker book so readers beware, as some graphic scenes do happen within it.

Plot – 9/10

Characters – 10/10

Originality –  10/10

General Joy of Reading – 9/10

Overall Score – 38/40

The Fae King’s Curse (Between Dawn and Dusk Book 1) – Jamie Schlosser

Cost* – Kindle edition $3.99.  This book is included on Kindle Unlimited.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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