Book Review – Night Gem – DNF

Night Gem by Erica Xenne has such an amazing book cover, how on earth could I turn down the opportunity to read this? I tried to read this book multiple time, I stopped and started, put it down, picked it back up, and would try again, but I could not finish this book.  The furthest […]

Book Review – Luca – DNF

Luca is a mafia/small town romance book by Jennifer Marcia.  I happen to love romance books, especially of the mafia variety, so I was eager to dive into this book and read it. I lasted 17%. Honestly, I want to say I found at least some redeeming qualities about this book, but I truly didn’t.  […]

Book Review – Love on the Brain

The book club I joined recently chose Love on the Brain by Ali Hazelwood to read for the April book, and while I truly had no interest in reading this book overall, it was the choice, so I went along with it.  This book has over 15,000 reviews, and most of them are positive, and […]