Book Review – Only Ghouls and Horses

Sometimes I come across a book and I truly don’t know what to say.  That is absolutely the case by Only Ghouls and Horses by Dan Harris.  And what a strange little book Only Ghouls and Horses is. 

I will say, starting this book, I did kind of laugh out loud.   The opening scene is essentially two people, Tom and Chris knocking aggressively on a drug dealer’s house.  AND THEN when they drug dealer answers and they are invited in, the drug dealer named Dave, transforms into a monstrous creature.  And then what happens you ask?  Chris decided to punch the creature in the face, before he is promptly decimated by said creature.  I will admit, I laughed pretty hard at that.  I also didn’t realize in the beginning that this book was set in Britain, and all I could picture was how American that situation felt.  Because I know quite a few people that that would be their first reaction.

This wasn’t a bad book overall, but it was a strange book.  The story itself was interesting, witty, and kind of tongue in cheek with its humor.  I appreciated this book, but I also am a little disappointed.  It looks like this book is part of a series, of which exactly three books are currently out, and that is absolutely wonderful, I love a good series.  The problem is, Dan very blatantly spells out plot points, that he doesn’t address or even mention again in this book at all, and that I kind of have a problem with.  If you are going to have a series, obviously you are going to have foreshadowing, but this was legitimately an entire scene of the book dedicated to talking about this without the main characters.  So I do wish that had been handled better.

Overall – This was an interesting book and I am glad I read it.  I enjoyed the tongue in cheek humor and how the book itself wasn’t that serious.  It isn’t a long book either, which I also appreciated.  Because most of the time if a book is supposed to be funny and interesting like this, and it drags on too long, it ends up feeling like a chore to read.

Only Ghouls and Horses (Unit 13 Book 1) – Dan Harris

Cost* – eBook is $.99.  This book is included with Kindle Unlimited

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