Book Review – What Lies Beyond the Veil – DNF

What Lies Beyond the Veil by Harper L. Woods and Adelaide Forrest has over 12,000 4+ star reviews.  This book is currently in the top 100 list of books on Amazon, and so many people seem to absolutely adore it. 

And honestly, I cannot fathom why. I DNF’d this book at 57% of the way through because I truly couldn’t take it anymore. No, that is a lie, it isn’t that I couldn’t take it anymore, it is that I was actively thinking about other books while I was reading this book, and just decided to read something that didn’t bore me. 

This book starts out fairly normal when it comes to Fae novels where we have a human woman as our Heroine. In this instance, Estrella is a human who honestly has a fairly shitty life. She lives in the village of Mistfell where once a year one of the members of the village are sacrificed to The Veil Alfheimr. When she was a child, it was her father that was sacrificed, and now she and her brother, Brann, work under the tyrannical Lord Bryon.  

Lord Byron has decided that Estrella shall be his bride (even though he is currently married to a woman that is very sick) and he lords this over her constantly. In addition he is summoning her to him home in the middle of the night for a mix of reasons. Some of which are so she can become more educated (because as the Lady of Mistfell she can’t be an idiot) and some of which are to cause her physical harm. And when I say Physical harm, please know I do mean he was whipping her, and beating her, and molesting her.  

As the story continues, Lord Byron poisons his wife to kill her, and offers Estrella a choice. She can either marry him, or she can be the sacrifice to the Veil. In probably the only truly decent part of this book, Estrella tells him no, and is more than willing to die rather than be his bride. 

So as she is about to be sacrificed, Estrella gets this need to touch the shimmering black veil, and just barely one of her fingertips touch it.  

With this one touch, she released the veil, becomes fae marked, and darkness covers the world. 

After the veil is released, the book is mainly running. She is running with Brann to get away from Mistfell and to try and escape the Fae Hunt. I am not kidding, it is just them running away. 

While they are running away, the authors of this book do probably one of my LEAST FAVORITE tropes. Brann tells Estrella, that if it comes down to the fae capturing her, or her taking her own life, she has to kill herself, because the fae cannot have her. When she asks him, a very reasonable question of why, he essentially tells her “I will tell you later, but I cannot tell you right now.” and she accepts it. If someone told me, that my choice was killing myself, or going with the fae, and then they told me I just had to trust them, that’s not happening. 

So as they continue run, they find a barn in a town to hide in for the night. Brann leaves his sister there to try and find food he can steal, and while she is in the barn, Estrella meets Caelum who is also conveniently fae marked. they feel this immediate connection and she is drawn to him, but then Brann comes back to the barn and goes “Estrella, this is a stranger. Maybe lets not automatically trust them.” And Estrella takes her brothers side, but she is not happy about it. And then they start running again. 

While they are running, again, the members of the Fae hunt find them. to summarize this moment, Brann ends up getting thrown off a cliff, Caelum has stalked her through the night while she was running, and turns up to help her fend off the fae. Not being able to live without her brother, Estrella takes a swan dive off the cliff so she can try to find her brother, whose body she is unable to find. 

I ended up lasting a few more chapters after this point, and I’ll be honest, I drew a few conclusions. One, I don’t think Brann is dead. I am going to follow the logic of if we don’t “see” them die, they are not actually dead. Second, I figured out Caelum was a fae, and I am fairly certain he is the fae that marked Estrella. I didn’t get that far, but I did read the book blurb for the second book. 

Speaking of a second book, there are four books in this series, and I don’t know how. I am assuming that the books get better, but I am no officially turned off of reading the rest of the series. 

Overall – if you like books about women that get whisked away to the fae world, then I would guess this is a book for you. However, please expect a boring first book where the majority of the book is the main character running. 

What Lies Beyond the Veil (Of Flesh & Bone Series Book 1) – by Harper L. Woods and Adelaide Forrest   

Cost* – eBook is $4.99 and Hardcover is $24.99. This book is included with Kindle Unlimited 

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published 

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