Book Review – Olympian Passion

I truly wanted to like Olympian Passion by Andrya Bailey.  But if I am completely honest, I did not like it at all.

Let’s start with, when did romance authors start turning books into series.  Because this is a not a long book AT ALL.  And the author turned this book into a trilogy, so now there are three books I have to read to get a true sense as to what is happening overall.  And with how short the first book is, it all could have been put into one book so at least when I am finished reading, I get the satisfaction of the couple being together.

Now, I did like that the author made Sabrina interested in Greek Mythology, and she actually threw off handed narrations into the book.  For instance, when Sabrina falls into love at first sight, the description used was “it was like looking into Medusa’s gaze” How great is that!  It is something small that really has the reader deep into Sabrina’s point of view so easily and quickly.  I loved how the author snuck some of these in here and there.

That being said this book does do not a great job with character development.  Not at all.  It feels like the author did not have an editor and kind of skimmed through the book herself to find any issues to fix.  The characters themselves are mostly shallow and self-absorbed, and it feels like all of the drama and conflict in this book happens simply for drama and conflicts sake.  It does not really move the story forward, and makes me as the reader feel as though I am stuck in a high school drama.  Everyone here is an adult. 

Also, what was with Nikos letting, I think her name was Maggie, know that he wasn’t interested in her?  Like she is hounding him and basically manipulating him into only spending time with, and he allows it while also telling Sabrina he is interested in her.  I found that to be incredibly gross and not needed. 

Now this is a book that the author does include descriptions of spicy time.  I truly don’t know how to say this politely.  I have not skipped this many sex scenes in a book since I was in middle school and didn’t know what sex was.   This is an exact quote from the book.  “I knew he could smell the sexual instinct in me and he could provoke me if he wanted too.”  Please make of it what you will.

Overall – I did not like this book.  I think the author did some things well, but overall the romance misses the mark and the characters don’t feel fully developed or interesting enough to want to get to know.  There were so many things happening in the book that I cared more about than the relationship between Sabrina and Nikos.  In addition, I wish this had just been one book, instead of a trilogy. 

Olympian Passion: Olympian Love Trilogy Book 1 – Andrya Bailey

Cost* – eBook is $2.99.  Paperback is $9.99.   This book is included with Kindle Unlimited

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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