Book Review – Legacy

If you like young adult dystopian novels, you will love Legacy by Ean Lanning. 

And that is truly the kindest thing I can say about this book.  If you have ever read a YA Dystopian novel, you have read this book.  I sincerely predicted every plot twist that was going to happen within the first fifty pages, and basically just had it confirmed later.  And this is not necessarily a bad thing, but I wish there had been more to the book.

This book follows Manhattan while he lives with Tom, his caretaker.  The only thing that Manhattan really has that he can call his own his a necklace that Tom passed to him that was from his mother, who is dead.  As the story progresses Tom is brutally killed and Manhattan runs away to join the rebellion.

The biggest problem with this story, is the fact that there is no clear timeline in this book.  I am not entirely certain how old Manhattan is when the story starts, and I have no idea how old he is when he joins the rebellion.  But there are a few throwaway lines in this book, which leads me to believe everything takes place over a very short period of time.  Which I am not a fan of because it truly does not make any sense.

The other problem is a lot of characters die, but it feels as though there is no purpose to their deaths.  It is just the author getting rid of characters.  For instance, there is a character called Shiv, who is teaching Manhattan all about knives.  And then suddenly Shiv is dead from an illness he has supposedly had for a while, even though he written as the picture of health.

Overall this is not a terrible book.  But is a predictable book.  As I said, if you love YA dystopian novels, this is going to be right up your ally, you are going to love it.  But if you don’t, I am not certain you will enjoy this book.

Legacy – Ean Lanning

Cost* – eBook is $1.99.  Paperback is $14.99 – This book is available on Kindle Unlimited.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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