Book Review – Myths of the Origin: After World

Myths of Origin: After World by Ean S. Mills is an interesting blend of fantasy and science fiction, showing what happens after you die.

This entire book is an interesting take on the afterworld, and what happens to you after you die. Instead of focusing on things, like Heaven and Hell, Ean created this entire world where souls of all different species come together to live.  For the most part, the only thing they all have in common, is time is used as a currency.  Once you run out of time, you cease to exist.

Our main character of this story is Nit, who when we are first introduced to him, is living with his brother and then is suddenly dead.  He doesn’t know how he died, or what is happening, but suddenly he has a choice to make.  Continue on into the afterlife, or run away.  Since characters are always in the habit of making incredibly smart decisions, Nit runs away and runs into Elara, whom he makes a contract with and essentially becomes her slave in this new world he is in.  As he is in this new world he meets all kinds of people, and has to navigate this unfamiliar life that has been thrust upon him.

The author did an excellent job at creating different characters that you could easily differentiate between.  I appreciated the inflections and personality each character had.  For example, there is a character named Elara, who uses the word “hon” a ton, and it really suited the personality that she had as well.

The biggest problem with this book, is the amount of grammatical errors, and spelling errors I found.  At one point, it felt like I was finding a typo, or a word missing on almost every page.  This was insanely distracting, and would pull me out of the story.  I really wish more time and attention had been given to the editing of this book, as was devoted to the world building.

Overall – This was a pretty good book that is unfortunately overshadowed by the grammatical and spelling errors inside of it. More than once, I would be in the middle of this dramatic and intense scene, and suddenly there would be a word missing, or something would be misspelled, and I had to go back and figure out what was missing so I could fully understand the story.

Myths of Origin: After World by Ean S. Mills

Cost* – eBook is $5.00.  This book is included on Kindle Unlimited

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published


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