The draining of the brain!!!!!!!

                I was off of work for eleven days in a row.  Eleven glorious magnificent magical wonderful days.  Days where I rested and relaxed, did what I wanted to do, slept in, stayed up late.  All those fun things you get to do on your day off.

                Today is my first day back at work in eleven days (1/4/2021), and I gotta tell you something.  It took two hours for me to be drained beyond all belief and ready for a nap.  During my lunch hour I was playing with my dog and for a split second I laid on the floor.  And that split second turned into two seconds, which turned into ten minutes of which I had fallen asleep because I was so tired.

                I don’t remember work draining me this much before, but it had to have, because I went to the Dr because of fatigue.  What is even worse, is I work from home.  For the most part the only other “person” I see all day is my dog, and she is not draining.  Maybe super playful and demanding of my attention, but not draining. 

                Looking at this, examining this, being drained by this, I don’t wanna do it anymore.   And I know, I know, we all say we wanna quit our jobs and win the lottery.  But sincerely, it is about 24% of my life that I am spending at a job that does not fulfill me, drains me, and makes me contemplate my life choices.  Quite honestly, today I was ready to quit my job and start a cult centered around rain dancing.  (fifty dollar membership fee required to join)

                But that is a conversation for another day.

                Today’s conversation is more is more directed towards, what can I do to help prevent that brain drain?  What can I do to get myself more involved, more engaged, and more satisfied with not only my job but myself day to day to make sure I am not drop dead exhausted by 10:30? 

                Starting tomorrow, I think I am going to try meditating for a few minutes every other hour, maybe do some exercise.  (I kid!  There will be no exercise.)  And try to challenge myself to be engaged in what is happening, rather than overwhelmed and drowning.  And I guess we will see how it goes.

                But that also leaves me with this question.  What do you do when you get drop dead tired, ready to quit, unsatisfied, at your job?

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