Need Me

Touch me

Taste me

I need you

I need the physical connection

Of your lips melting on mine

And the taste of your skin

Mingling with the sweat of passion

I need you

And I need that kiss of seduction

You place on my lips

While you hold my hand in yours

I need the warmth of your gaze

While you pin me in place

And I know that I am

Hopelessly yours

And I need the warmth of your skin

Pressing me into the hope of tomorrow

And maybe I shouldn’t crave

The way your skin tastes

After you save me

From the helpless and hopeless


That is falling in love with you

A fall I never meant to take

But I tripped over the warmth in your eyes

And the caress of lips

On mine

Touch me

And taste me

And need me

Let me know

That the hands sinking into my hair

Also caress my face out of need

A need that burns as hot as the stars

About to collapse

And expand into more

I need the physical connection

So I can stay sane

Because I’m still trying to solve the puzzle

That is feeling this way

About you

I don’t want to need you

But I do

I need the warmth of your kiss

As you travel from my lips

To the sensitive skin on my neck

And when you reach the base of my ear

I know I shudder

From the warmth of the whispered words

Of love

An all consuming

All encompassing


And I’m drowning in the way

Those words caress my skin

Knowing that I never should have let you

Travel so deeply beneath my skin

So touch me

And taste me

And kiss me

Take your hands and clutch me close

All I ask is that you never let me go

Even when it’s hard

To hold onto me tight

Help me fight the insanity that threatens

The very existence

Of everything I can be

And meld your lips to mine

Assure me everything is alright

And kiss me

Like it’s the last time



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