Book Review – Matched to the Monster

I did not expect to like a book including tentacle sex. But I did.  I liked it so much I immediately started reading more of Rena’s works. 

The idea behind this book is interesting.  Earth has been in yet another war (hard to believe I know) and the population has been wiped out to the point only a few million people are left.  Rather than have multiple countries and leaders, there is one president of the world.  And this man treats his daughter, Lilaina like absolute crap.  It takes maybe two pages for you to want to kick him in the shin, and it does not get much better from there.

Lilaina however, you don’t necessarily like her from the first page so much as you want to protect her.  You can see the abuse and it is heartbreaking.  When we meet Juris, Lilaina’s betrothed, immediately you are struck with her intimidation and fear, but she goes through with it even though you can tell she does not want too (earning the father another kick in the shin in my book).

The first little bit of the book is hard to read because it is heartbreaking and you are truly afraid, almost like it was you the reader in the situation getting thrust into a marriage with someone of a completely different species.  But as the book continues, the world evolves as much as the characters.

The best part of the book is watching Lilaina grow and become a much stronger, better, and braver person.  She turns from this timid shy thing, to this woman who takes no shit from anyone. I love it.

The worst part about this book is probably the ending.  Quick spoiler alert!  In the entire book there is this overarching thread of mystery about what happened to Lilaina’s mother.  In the end of the book you find out that Lilaina’s father essentially condemned her to death in this underground room with no lights and only one way in or out.  Side note, Lilaina has been trapped in this room throughout her entire life with her mother’s decaying carcass as punishment.  Part of this feels like a bit of shock value more than anything else, even if it does tie into the story.

Overall –  This was an enjoyable book that I would happily read again down the road.  However, if things like tentacle sex and different species turns you off, maybe look into another book.

Plot – 8/10

Characters – 9/10

Originality –  10/10

General Joy of Reading – 8/10

Overall Score – 35/40

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Matched to the Monster – Rena Marks

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Cost* –  This is $3.99 for kindle and is included in Kindle Unlimited.  It is $15.99 in paper back.

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