Writetober – Prompt 5 – Bow

                She held the box tightly in her hand.  Wrapping it had gotten her heart racing to the point she couldn’t focus.  The paper was bright blue with snowflakes.  Around it, she had tied the most perfect red bow she could.

                Inside was her pregnancy test.  After six years of trying, fertility treatments, and tears, the one stripe had turned to blue.  She couldn’t wait to tell her husband.  Couldn’t wait to share the news with him.  “Honey are you ok?”  His voice penetrated her inner thoughts, and she fought to keep the grin off of her face.

                “I am perfect.  I get to spend my Christmas morning with you.”  She held out the box and gave it a little shake.  “I want you to open this one first.”  She whispered her last sentence, unable to keep the tremor out of her voice.

                He stared at her with concern, her face a flash of colors in the glow of the dancing Christmas tree lights.  “Alright.  If it is that important to you.”  He slid the bow off of the package neatly, and slid his finger into the paper ripping a clean line.  “Why are you so anxious about this present?”  He laughed.  “Is it divorce papers?  Did you decide you finally want to get rid of me?”  He joked at her. 

                She laughed lightly but watched his face intently.  The box was sealed shut with barely more than an inch of tape an he broke the barrier easily.  When he opened the flaps, he froze and she could tell when he saw it. 

                “What is this?”  He asked softly his right hand picking up the test carefully.  “Carole, what is this?”  He raised his tear stained blue eyes to her green ones, and waited for a response.

                “We’re pregnant.  We are finally pregnant.”  He dropped the positive test, dropped the box he had been holding, and swooped forward, scooping her up in a hug so tight that for a second she couldn’t breathe. 

                His lips cascaded onto hers in a kiss so intense she couldn’t help but melt into his arms.  “Merry Christmas.”  She held a palm to his cheek, felt him nuzzle in.  “I know it isn’t much, but I hope you like your gift.”

                He stared into her eyes once again, joy dancing around in his own eyes.  “This is the best present you could have ever given me.  Merry Christmas.” 

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