Book Review – Savage Love

If you are looking for a book that starts strong, and ends weak, Savage Love by Ashlee Rose is for you. This book literally centers around a Royal Princess named, Royal.  Maybe the author thought it was cute, which is fine, but it is a bit confusing in the beginning.  And Royal’s father essentially sells […]

Book Review – Sweet Heat

Sweet Heat is a romance novel by Bria James centered around the curvy and beautiful Allegra.  Ten years ago, she was supposed to get married, but found out at the last second that her betrothed was being paid to marry her.  Presented with this horrifying truth, Allegra ran.  The biggest problem with this book, is […]

Book Review – Blood Lily

Blood Lily is a book centered around a NYPD independent forensics consultant, named Lilith Adams.  Lilith, or Lily, is a bit special and different in that she is not human, she is a vampire. Now if you are like me, and you lived trough the Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight era, you might have rolled your eyes […]

Book Review – Summer’s End

Summer’s End is the first book in a trilogy centering around the main character, Summer, and a mysterious biker boy, Alex AKA Dooney.  These two characters don’t remember each other, but their pasts and their futures intertwine incredibly closely.  Summer awakens from a coma to find out that she had been in a terrible fire, […]

Book Review – Help Me, I’m Stuck

Help Me I’m Stuck is a short self help book designed to help the reader do things such as silence their inner critic, and learn how to be kinder to themselves.  This is something I am 100% interested in, (as who isn’t unnecessarily cruel to themselves sometimes) and something I know that I need to […]

Book Review – Broken by the Horde King

Broken by the Horde King is currently my favorite book in this series. The relationship between Kiran, our Hero, and Maeve, our Heroine, was honestly incredibly. Kiran and Maeve have known each other essentially their entire lives.  Maeve fell in love with her best friend, and when she presented herself to him, he rejected her.  […]