Book Review – Taming the Enemy

First and foremost, I got this book as an advanced reader copy.  That warning out there, lets dive right in!

I have read a lot of romance novels over the years.  Some smutty, some clean, some terrible, some wonderful.  This one fall right into the middle. 

If you are looking for an all-out smutty book with tons of intense sexy scenes, this is not the book for you.  It features two sex scenes, that are mostly right at the end of the book.  The scenes themselves are ok, but they are fairly vanilla and for me personally, they leave a lot to be desired.  But they are well written and they do make sense.

The plot of this book however, is where the hidden gem is.  Christopher Cold is a self-made billionaire, who owns a hotel empire.  He has bought a small homey hotel for his sister Celeste to run.  After buying the hotel, he needs an interior decorator, and in walks Michelle. She is not the most qualified, she is not the best, but she has determination.  And overall, he feels a pull that he has never felt for someone else.  The problem?  She is engaged to another.

If you read closely, you will see where I said the plot is the hidden gem.  Why is that?  There is not enough of it.  The plot itself, the characters, super well written.  Well written to the point that when the author glosses over the fights and arguments happening between our characters, you are actively disappointed that you are not witnessing it.  Honestly, the main reason we as the reader knows there is chemistry built up between the two characters, is because the author tells us.  There is not too much that we actively get to witness. 

Christopher and Michelle have known each other for six months, but we do NOT get to see that relationship build up at all.  We get to see the introduction, we get to see after Michelle breaks up with her fiancé, and that is it.  In my opinion, that is not enough.  The author writes so well, and really breathes life into these characters and I am severely disappointed that we do not get to witness more of it.  Quite honestly, ten percent or more of the Kindle book I am reading is literally a preview of the next book, as well as information from the author.  When I got to the end, I was disappointed and thinking there was more.

Overall – This is a pretty decent book.  Ultimately though, it was too short and didn’t give me enough depth into the characters themselves.  I would have been interested in reading the chemistry happen rather than being told it happened.  But if you pick up the book, it is a good, quick, happy read.

Plot – 5/10

Characters – 7/10

Originality –  7/10

General Joy of Reading – 6/10

Overall Score – 25/40

Taming the Enemy – Kate J. Blake

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Cost* – Currently Not available.

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