Book Review – Glint and Gleam (Books 2 and 3 of the Plated Prisoner Series)

Typically, I would most likely not review two books at the same time, but for these two books I have too.  Why you might ask?  I read them both in the same day and can no longer separate what happened in which book.  That being said, lets dive right in!

The amount of growth Auren goes through in these two books is incredible.  I know what I said about book one, and how great the love between Auren and King Midas was.  Listen, everybody makes mistakes.  But seeing her grow out of that love, and seeing her grow into being able to love herself, was incredible. 

The settings of these books, and what is happening gets better and better.  The best part, is Raven Kennedy has painted a world so wonderful and vast, that there is never a time where you are ripped out of the book, and questioning something.  Watched Auren travel from one place to another, watching King Midas scheme, seeing the truth about Commander Rip.  It is so worth the read.

My absolute favorite part about this entire book, is the relationship between Auren and Slade.  Most of it does happen in book three, but I do love the seeds planted in book two.  That being said, I would sit and read Gleam and just smile seeing the relationship blossom.  This little pitter patter of happiness in my chest at seeing Auren growing and learning to love someone that loves her simply for herself. 

Another excellent part of this book, if you care about the plot which I do, is the foreshadowing that Raven lay’s out.  Let’s be honest, some books are not good at foreshadowing and when things happen it is a punch in the gut that you did not expect.  In these two books there are some surprise twists and turns that I was not expecting, but they did not take me by surprise.  She has done a masterful job of showing the readers the characters.

If I had to pick a worst thing about these books, I would say that there are a lot of climactic events.  The events build up and then happen, and more than once I kept expecting the book to end.  And it would continue like it didn’t just wreck my entire day.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes the pacing did feel a bit off and I would struggle to get back into a book that I was sure had ended.

Overall – I highly recommend all three books that are available in this series, but be prepared they are a bit on the darker side.  This is not recommended for children or teenagers, but new adults and older adults absolutely.  Just be prepared to read them all one right after the other because you are going to want too.

Plot – 9/10

Characters – 10/10

Originality –  10/10

General Joy of Reading – 8/10

Overall Score – 37/40

Glint and Gleam (Books 2 and 3 of the Plated Prisoner Series) by Raven Kennedy

Link – and

Cost* – Glint is $4.99 on Kindle and is included in Kindle Unlimited.  It is $17.99 for paper back and $24.79 in hardback.

Gleam is $4.99 on Kindle and is included in Kindle Unlimited.  It is $22.49 in paperback and $28.48 in hard back.

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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