Book Review – The Mistwalker

The Mistwalker – Regine Abel

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Cost – $3.99*

The Mistwalker, by Regine Abel, is a romance novel that will stop your heart.

In a world where a mysterious mist filled with terrifying creatures’ spreads across the earth for three days every month, people have learned to take precautions. However, when Jade’s, the heroine of our story, sister stays over, a mistake is made and the mist gets.  Kazan, one of the creatures of the mist, has been waiting for Jade to make a mistake for ten years, and he is thankful it finally happens. Finally getting the opportunity, he marks Jade as his own. Once the mist disappears, Kazan takes on his human form, and courts Jade the way he feels she deserves.

As the novel continues, you find that the mist, and where it comes from; is where humans greatest wishes and darkest desires are manifested.  Kazan is Jades deepest wish, even if she has a hard time accepting it.

This is a science fiction, paranormal, fantasy novel. Some time, when I read science fiction I worry that the world will be far too complicated for me to get involved in. That is not a problem in this world at all. Any questions that you might have get answered as you read.

The best part about this book is the romance between Kazan and Jade. Jade has concerns and doubts through the entire relationship, and that never just disappears. Instead, Regine Abel takes you on the journey with Jade on how she works those problems out.  Even when Jade ultimately sabotages her own relationship with Kazan, and you are calling her crazy in your head, it makes absolute sense and you never stop sympathizing with the characters.

The worst part of this book is the ending, BUT, not in a bad way. Before the epilogue there is a heart stopping surprise, and honestly I had to put the book down and walk away for a few minutes to process it.  A small part of me wishes I could forget this book just to experience it again.

This book is a measly 220 pages long, so it is a quick and easy read. That being said, when you do pick it up to read it clear your schedule because you are going to want to finish it in one sitting.  Then, once you finish it and process it, you are going to want to either reread it, or immediately jump into the sequel.

Plot – 10/10

Characters – 10/10

Originality –  10/10

General Joy of Reading – 10/10

Overall Score – 40/40

*Cost is based upon what the book cost when book review is published

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