Some of my hobbies require I ask people for some feedback.  Some constructive criticism if you will.  “Hey I made this new design, what do you think of it?”  And when I ask that question, I know I am going to get people that are going to say, “yah know, I really do not like it.” 

                And saying you really do not like it, is 100% ok.  Not everyone likes the same things.  I personally, happen to love bright shiny colorful things that clash.  Imagine the Trolls movie (the first one) and add some extra glitter.  That is what I personally like.  If that sounds awful to you, I understand.  My husband hates it too.

                I recently designed a new clutch pattern, and for those of you currently going what is a clutch, it is a small zipper bag.  And it is a design that you will either love or hate.  And that is ok.  I posted a few pictures of it onto a few different Facebook groups and asked for some feedback.  Some came back with the rave review of “I love it!”  some came back with a “I am not a fan.”  And one person ladies and gentlemen, came back with the following.

                “I think it looks like you had scrap fabric you were trying to use up.  It has too many colors and patterns and I don’t like it.  I think it is ugly.” 

                And that, that is where I start to have an issue.  Because that, is not feedback.  That is you being a complete and utter jerk about something.  If you don’t like it, you can say.  “hey, this isn’t to my taste.”  I have commented that on people’s things, because they wanted to know.

                And just because I asked for feedback, doesn’t mean I asked for you to be rude and kind of a jerk.  You don’t need to do that.  I don’t know if this individual woke up in the morning and went “I wanna be a jerk today.”  But they did. 

                Everything I sew, I hand make.  All by myself.  I have spent hours upon hours improving my skills to try and get better.  I think my sewing machine (one of many, don’t ask) has about 400 hours on it, and I am the only person that owned it.  I sell things at craft shows, because I love making things, and my husband put his foot down.  I had no use for 100 wallets, and I wanted to make more.

                And honestly, some of the things people say to me while I am working at a craft show, is downright rude.  Two of my favorites,

  1. “my sister makes this but better.”
  2. “I don’t like all different patterns (in regards to fabric choices) you use.  You should stop selling them.”


                This is more of a tiny vent session.  If you are a crafter, or you make things, I would love to hear some of the outrageous things people have said to you.

                And as a side note, if you have put time and effort into things, even if you aren’t the best there is, know I’m proud of you.  You are doing a kick ass job, and do NOT let anyone tell you differently.

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