Lick Victim

                My husband and I met five years ago.  Obviously, it worked out, and we have been together ever since, and five years later I would like to think he and I are still reasonably attracted to each other. 

                And by reasonably attracted, I mean to say, far more bluntly, that we still have sex on more than the occasional birthday.  With that being said, this is not a post about sexy time.

                Well, that’s a lie, but its not a post about it in the way you might think. 

                Two years ago, about a month after we got married, my husband and I decided it was time to get a dog.  I suffered (and still suffer) from depression and anxiety, and having a dog would help calm that.

                So, we got the sweetest little dog you could ever think, and named her Mipha.  And by sweetest little dog, please understand she grew up into a sixty-pound hellion, whom I affectionally refer to as, “PITA”. 

                Does anyone else, that has an animal, experience being watched during sexy time?  Because if my husband and I make the decision to “wrestle around” a bit, we have to go to our bedroom and close the door.    And it is only me, my husband, and my dog in my house.  There are no tiny tots running around.

                Why do we have to shut the door you might be asking yourself?

                Because I have a dog that things when my husband and I “wrestle around” we are playing, and she wants to play as well.  More than once, my husband and I have been in the middle of doing something, and felt a tongue quickly swiping over our butt. 

                That quick swipe causes its victim to jump up, cover the body parts we ABSOULTELY DO NOT WANT LICKED, while we tell Mipha to go away.  She obviously listens so well, that we have to herd her out of the room, and put up a barrier so she cannot come back and be lick happy once again.

                But she is still there.  Watching.  Waiting.  Ever vigilant.  Waiting for the perfect moment to leap over the barrier (or nose past it) to join in on the fun. 

                And even if she cannot “join in the fun”, she likes to sit at the door, staring at us with non-understanding sad brown eyes, trying to figure out why we are deliberately excluding her.

                And I was just curious if this is a “my house hold is weird” type of thing, or are there other lick victims out there?

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