I am tired.

                Anyone else tired of being tired?  And I don’t mean mildly sleepy, ready to curl up for a nap.  I mean bone weary exhausted, ready to nod off at your desk, head against the wall, power nap in the elevator.  Is that just me?

                In addition to being tired, is anyone else tired of the well meaning advise you get?  Because somehow, well meaning advice just sounds like mild insults to me.  “Have you tried losing weight?”  “have you tried exercise?” “have you tried eating better?”  I appreciate the advice and concern, I truly do.  But I am already miserable being tired.  Would those suggestions probably help?  Most likely.

                But let’s be real, I. AM. TIRED.

  Would working out help me lose weight and feel better?  Yes.  Does doing a squat hurt my back so badly I curl up on the floor in crippling pain dreaming about a hot bath and some ice cream?  Yes. Yes, it does. 

To be quite frank and honest, I have a shit ton of laundry that needs done, and zero energy to do it.  You want me to work out?  There is a load of laundry with your name on it then.  You want me to prepare a healthy meal from start to finish, with lots of veggies and lean meats?  There is a grocery shopping trip with your name on it!

                And I get I sound whiney, and miserable.  And honestly, it sounds like I am begging for pity and for someone to take care of me, which is not what I want. 

                What I want, is a nap.  And for people to stop giving me advice constantly about what will make me feel better.  When I get that advice, what would make me feel better is a piece of the stickiest duct tape known to man across the advice givers face. 

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