What does Maybe mean?

Maybe –

So many hopes

And so many dreams

Hinge on the word

Maybe –

And if that maybe could mean


What would your maybe be?

Would it be the eternal love

That never dies

The flame that melts so slowly

And the wax drips off so sweetly

That It forms another candle

Rather than melt away

Would your maybe be

That lifelong dream

To travel back in time

To change your looks

Your hair

Your everything

So maybe it wouldn’t hurt so bad

that you take a knife

And plunge it in

So deep  down into your skin

So the pain goes away

For even a portion of a day

Or would your maybe be for the chance

To change the world

To take a story

And make it into the unforeseen

Undeniable hope for the future

Would your maybe collide

With the chance of a better life

For not just one

But for all

Or would your maybe be

To see the world crumble and fall

So it can be rebuilt a new

With hope and love

And nothing to destroy

The word maybe

Destroys me

It takes everything inside of me

And twists it wildly

With the hope of everything

That tomorrow could possibly be

The word maybe takes my soul

And lets it fly away

Into the wind still searching for a place

To blow the stain of ignorance away

And maybe if my maybe

Could collide with yours

We could watch the world unfold


We could let our maybe’s drip from our tongues

As we watch soul after soul

Fall In love with the hope

Of what maybes are still left untold

And I want to breathe a sigh of relief as I look at you

Because my maybe is you

My maybe is that chance for tomorrow

Where I wake up and look into your eyes

And see the world changing in front of me

And maybe I want to hold your hand in mine

And plunge into a life time of maybes with you

So I can watch the world come unstitched

Seam by seam

So the fabric of love



So the fabric of maybe can be sewed in so tightly,

No one else could ever make it leave

I want my maybe with you

Because a maybe with you

Is everything I’ve ever needed

But didn’t know could exist

It’s the life time of dreams

And trying to find what I need

And maybe I shouldn’t ask you again

Then again maybe I should

What would your maybe be?

And if your maybe could be me

Could we take the chance to save the world together

Because with you I have rose colored glasses

That let me see the endless possibilities

That dance around the world

Like flowers in a warm summer breeze

And all I can see is the endless

Untainted possibilities

Of maybe


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