Book Review – Kraving Khiva and The Prince of Firestones

Kraving Khiva and The Prince of Firestones are books one and two of the Krave of Everton book series by Zoey Draven. Normally I would review the books individually, but these two books go together and follow the same characters, Evelyn Tesler (Eve) and Khiva. When we are introduced to Eve, she is a virgin […]

Book Review – Broken by the Horde King

Broken by the Horde King is currently my favorite book in this series. The relationship between Kiran, our Hero, and Maeve, our Heroine, was honestly incredibly. Kiran and Maeve have known each other essentially their entire lives.  Maeve fell in love with her best friend, and when she presented herself to him, he rejected her.  […]