Book Review – Baby Be Mine

Baby Be Mine, the third book in the “Love in the City” series is a standalone novel by Victoria H. Smith that delves into the relationship of Asa and Noni.  Four years ago they had a passionate one night stand that had them falling in love with each other, then not speaking again due to […]

Book Review – The Nightmare

The Nightmare (The Mist Book 2) – Regine Abel Link – Cost – $3.99*, also a part of Kindle Unlimited The nightmare is the sequel to Regine Abel’s novel The Mistwalker, and it truly delivers. Just like The Mistwalker, the nightmare is a standalone novel and you do not need to have read the […]

Book Review – The Mistwalker

The Mistwalker – Regine Abel Link – Cost – $3.99* The Mistwalker, by Regine Abel, is a romance novel that will stop your heart. In a world where a mysterious mist filled with terrifying creatures’ spreads across the earth for three days every month, people have learned to take precautions. However, when Jade’s, the […]

Book Review – Den of Vipers by K. A. Knight

Den of Vipers by K. A. Knight Link – Cost – $5.99*, also a part of Kindle Unlimited Do you like romance novels with scenes spicy enough to start a forest fire AND scenes that will make you raise a brow wandering, “did I actually read that?” If that is something you are looking […]