My diagnosis

                I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  It is a big scary word that to me, is a life sentence.  And it is odd how to journey to being diagnosed came about.  If you don’t know what fibromyalgia is, lets start with a definition.                  If you go to google and type in the word, […]

Burning In My Blood

There is a burning in my blood It burns so hot Runs so deep I cannot escape Why is it burning Why do I feel this deep seated pain? Burning my gut Yearning to emerge What do I want? I want more More of everything More of the desire to succeed More of the talent […]

Pain Changes People

Pain changes people From beginning to the end From long time love To a distant friend Pain changes people How they look How they talk How they feel Mostly How they love Pain changes everything A view of the world can change From hopeful To damning To loving To spiteful Pain changes everything So be […]

Am I Pretty Now Mommy?

Am I pretty now mommy? Her grin was sadistic Am I pretty now mommy? She asked slowly Her eyes were bleeding Tears of red pain Her lips were cracked Dried with old age Am I pretty now mommy? Her ugly heart cries The knife in her hand Holds all of her lies Am I pretty […]