Book Review – The Peace at Knife’s Edge

I started The Peace at Knife’s Edge by James Pina, and I did not manage to finish it for quite a few reasons. I did love the beginning of this book.  Since it wont actually spoil anything, I love the set up that our main character, Torik, is now wanted for murdering the king, who […]

My daydream affair with Sven

                I had a moment the other day.  One of those moments that when I first got married I naively thought “That won’t be me.”  Poor poor naïve Alicia.                  It was always kind of a joke growing up, and even now, well into adult hood.  That the woman fantasizes, day dreams, for a day […]

Writeober 2020 – Prompt 1 – Scroll

She held the scroll with trembling fingers. Her mother had told her this day would come. Had told her to be prepared to receive it. How could something so small, be so intimidating? Just simple brown parchment curled up, a blue was circle imprinted with the King’s crest holding it shut. “Casey, you have to […]