2023 Short Story Contest

A visual prompt will be released and you as the author must write a 3000-5000 word short story about that prompt. Your story must have a beginning, middle, and end. No cliff hangers allowed. The story must be geared towards adult fantasy, (no YA or children’s stories please) and can involve anything you would like. Once the story is complete, make sure to title it.

What do you win?

There will only be one winner for this contest, and we think the prize is pretty amazing.

  1. Your short story will be completely and professionally edited by Jess Millman. She will work with you to make sure your story shines exactly the way it should.
  2. Simone Catherine Green will be drawing an illustration specifically for your short story. You will work with her to design an idea, and ultimately approve it as well.
  3. Your short story will be published at the beginning of Book two of the Vestovian Trilogy: Vuthrie
  4. Bragging rights that you won this contest!

How do you enter?

  1. Once your short story is written, make sure to edit it yourself. We would prefer the story not be professionally edited when submitting it.
  2. Save your short story in a word document, with the save file name the title of your story.
    1. Do NOT include any identifiers in the word document itself.
  3. When submitting the story, in the body of the email please include:
    1. your name
    2. your pen name
    3. your email address
    4. your physical address
    5. a brief author bio
    6. the title of your short story
    7. anything you want us to know about you
    8. Submit your story to “thealiciajeanne@gmail.com”
  4. We know the wait is absolutely agonizing and we will be sure to respond to every individual that enters into the contest to let them know if they won or not.

Meet the Judges!

If you liked the novel GoulCrest, and wondered about the people behind it, look no further. Alicia is the author of GoulCrest, and wrote the book. Steven was the pivotal beta reader in the book, pointing out sections that did not work so they could be fixed. Jess is the editor mastermind behind making sure everything had a good pace and flowed, and Simone is the artistic talent, bringing the cover art to life. Together, the four of us will be judging your short stories, looking at each story from a different perspective.

To learn more about each individual, feel free to read their short bios, and visit their pages.

Alicia Jeanne

Alicia Jeanne has always known she wanted to write, and her debut novel GoulCrest was met with rave reviews. Not only does she write but she reads and reviews books, crafts, and continuously irritates her husband and dog.

Steven Barbato

Steven is a professional Beta Reader as well as a Professional gamer. He takes his time to look at everything incredibly thoroughly, making sure he understands the entire picture.

Get in touch with Steven

Jess Millman

Jess is a Manuscript Master-Surgeon with 10+ Years of Editorial Experience. Not only will she make sure you write the best you can, but she will be your cheerleader the entire time.

Get in touch with Jess

Simone Catherine Green

Simone is an artist with over an decade of experience drawing high fantasy art. Not only has she designed the cover for GoulCrest, but she has created the chapter illustrations for author Daniel Gatlin.

Get in touch with Simone

Terms and Conditions

  1. You retain all rights to your story.
  2. This prize has no cash value. Any profits earned from the publication of Vuthrie stays with Alicia Jeanne as the author.
  3. If you win, the completely edited story, as well as the illustration to the story are your rights.
  4. All judges are allowed to post and promote your story, illustration, and Pen Name on their social media pages.
  5. Must have a book or published written materials that are already released or will be released by the end of 2023.
  6. Must provide social media that you want promoted upon winning the contest
  7. Winner will be required to sign contract with the editor, illustrator, and author upon winning the contest.
  8. Should the contest winner not be able to meet all terms and conditions, they will be disqualified and the second runner up will be moved to the winners role.
  9. Terms and conditions are not currently finalized and more will be added/changed before the contest is officially ready to be launched.