Thanks Bill Ga… I mean Google!

                My husband and I have been talking about things we can do to spice up our sex lives.  Why you might ask?  Well, we have been together for a while and we want to make sure things stay fresh in the bedroom. 

                The is the only person I am having sex with for the rest of my life, I don’t want to get bored with something I happen to love doing!

                So we listed out a few things we would both be interested in trying, and BDSM was on both of our lists.  Doesn’t that sound fun and…. Dare I say…. Erotic? 

                So obviously, when neither of us really knew how to get into it, we turned to the one person on planet earth that can help us.  Bill Gates…. I mean Google!!!

                So first thing is first, unless you are prepared for the consequences, do not just type BDSM into your google search bar.  Do not do a dumb like I did!  Just throwing out that caution.

                But in researching BDSM, so we can do it safely (neither of us are billionaires like Christian Grey so we gotta practice safety), I have read a lot of things that focus on aftercare after a scene.

                Which, I mean, aftercare is great.  Even if you are not into BDSM, do the aftercare thing.  But the one thing, I really have not found info on, is what a “scene” is. 

                I will be completely honest with you.  I love writing, and when I think of a “scene” I think of setting the scene.  Yah know, creepy music, wind howling through tree branches.  Nothing particularly sexy is coming to mind when I think “scene”. 

                And for a community that is so into bringing in new members and encouraging practicing and trying, why does no one actually go into details about what a “Scene” may entail.  (Also, not a negative thought about BDSM).

                So of course, I did the only and only thing I can do.  I asked my husband.  And he really didn’t know either.                  So… I guess… onward we go in the quest to figure out how to spice up our sex

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